I take photos of bands and artists, of people I know, and of people I don't know. And some nature that I like

Sometimes it feels natural to take a step back. After doing several recordings in studios with large grand pianos I felt the time was right to go back to the place it all started, to the house where I grew up, to the old Grotrian-Steinweg piano on which I learned to play. Maybe that is why the music on this record is simpler, more poetic than much of my earlier work. This record was made during two days in May, and if you listen closely you may hear the birds sing and the sound of rain against the window


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Past concerts

07th 13:00 Municipal School, Mumbai // Eple Trio
07th 09:00 DPS, East // Eple Trio
06th 13:00 Calorax Global School // Eple Trio
06th 09:00 DPS, Bhopal // Eple Trio
05th 17:00 PDPU, Gandhi Nagar // Eple Trio
05th 09:00 IIT Gandhi Nagar // Eple Trio
04th 17:00 Orphanage Home, Ahmedabad // Eple Trio
04th 12:00 C.N. Vidyavihar, Ahmedabad // Eple Trio
03rd 20:00 Mudra institute of Communications, Ahmedabad // Eple Trio
03rd 16:00 Mahatma Gandhi International School, Ahmedabad // Eple Trio
28th 14:30 Maharaja Agrasen College // Eple Trio
27th 14:30 KIIT College of Engineering, Gurgaon // Eple Trio
26th 12:30 St. Marks Senior Secondary Girls School, New Delhi // Eple Trio
26th 10:30 KIIT World School, Pitampura, New Delhi // Eple Trio
10th 20:30 Nardis, Kashiwa, Chiba // Eple Trio
01st 18:00 Hov Kirke, Søndre Land // Andreas Ulvo + Slagr
05th 20:00 Park der Gärten // Mathias Eick Quintet
04th 20:00 Pumpwerk, Wilhelmshaveb // Mathias Eick Quintet
20th 20:00 Festspillene in North Norway, Harstad // Mathias Eick Quintet
18th 20:00 Midtsommerjazzfestival, Ålesund // Mathias Eick Quintet
23rd 12:45 Troldhaugen //
04th 20:00 Ampere, Munich // Mathias Eick Quintet
03rd 20:00 Centralstation, Darmstadt // Mathias Eick Quintet
02nd 20:00 Stadtgarten, Köln // Mathias Eick Quintet
29th 20:00 Jazz Ahead, Bremen // Mathias Eick Quintet
16th 20:00 Voss Jazzfestival, Voss // Mathias Eick Quintet
22nd 20:00 Paradox Tilburg, (NL) // Mathias Eick Quintet
20th 20:00 Tromsø Jazzklubb, Tromsø // Mathias Eick Quintet
19th 20:00 Dokkhuset, Trondheim // Mathias Eick Quintet
18th 20:00 Sardinen, Bergen // Mathias Eick Quintet
17th 20:00 Stavanger Jazzforum, Stavanger // Mathias Eick Quintet
12th 20:00 Union Scene, Drammen // Mathias Eick Quintet
11th 20:00 Hadeland Jazzforum, Hadeland // Mathias Eick Quintet
07th 20:00 Arendal Jazzklubb, Arendal // Mathias Eick Quintet
06th 20:00 Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo // Mathias Eick Quintet

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