Personal info & experience

Personal information

Name Birth date Birthplace City Country
Andreas Ulvo 22/07 1983 Kongsvinger 0686 Oslo Norway


Year Degree Institution
2006 to 2008 Master Norges Musikkhøgskole
2002 to 2006 Bachelor Norges Musikkhøgskole
1999 to 2002 Musikklinja Stange videregående skole


Year Project name


Year Position Workplace
1983 Pianist, composer & photographer Freelance

Scholarships and grants

Year Title Description Venue
05/2012 Statens Kunstnerstipend Diversestipend


Albums as band member

Unchangeable seasons, Andreas Ulvo - SOLO 2016
Softspeaker, Andreas Ulvo + Slagr 2012
Andreas Ulvo - Light & loneliness, Andreas Ulvo - SOLO 2011


Cover Title Length Album
The Outcome 3:30 Made This
Bach 8:03 Made This
In the Middle of the Night 6:12 Made This
Vals 3:38 Made This
River Song 4:44 The Widening Sphere of Influence
Dawn 5:59 The Widening Sphere of Influence
March of the Mystery Men 6:28 The Widening Sphere of Influence
Eclipse 7:27 The Widening Sphere of Influence
Black Oak 3:31 The Widening Sphere of Influence
Preludium 5:20 In the Clearing / In the Cavern (2CD)
Circle Song 7:34 In the Clearing / In the Cavern (2CD)
River Song II 9:53 In the Clearing / In the Cavern (2CD)
Birds of India 11:28 In the Clearing / In the Cavern (2CD)
Kölviken 9:07 In the Clearing / In the Cavern (2CD)
The Sinking Ship 6:48 In the Clearing / In the Cavern (2CD)
Choral Andreas Ulvo - Light & loneliness
One Elephant Universal Cycle
First Sun Universal Cycle
Tippler's Insomnia Universal Cycle
Dordei 5:32 nyesongar.no
Nordover 6:07 nyesongar.no
Etter Snø (Odda) 5:21 nyesongar.no
Midwinter 5:12 Softspeaker
Star song 5:39 Softspeaker
Catalan winds 2:54 Softspeaker
Preludium II 4:24 Softspeaker
Old soul 3:58 Softspeaker
Folk 5:20 Softspeaker
In the darkest hour 7:07 Softspeaker
Subaquatic Psalm 6:27 Softspeaker
Hanglete 2:48 Softspeaker
Live in Germany (K4) / Ventande 4:16 JazzBukkBox
Live in Germany (K4) / Veksande 2:58 JazzBukkBox
Live in Germany (K4) / Vandrande vågal 6:19 JazzBukkBox
Live in Germany (K4) / Vaktande 3:39 JazzBukkBox
Improvisation no.1 Unchangeable seasons
Improvisation no.2 Unchangeable seasons
Improvisation no.3 Unchangeable seasons
Improvisation no.4 Unchangeable seasons
Unchangeable seasons Unchangeable seasons
Improvisation no.5 Unchangeable seasons
Eldblome 5:45 Nordic Balm
Myrull 5:40 Nordic Balm
Alea 5
Close Your Eyes 5
Dust and Sparks 5
Fields of Home 5
Lighthouse 5