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As a pianist, Andreas Ulvo is already well known on the norwegian and european jazz scene. He has toured all around the world with bands and artists like Mathias Eick Quintet, Frøy Aagre, Eple Trio and Karl Seglem Acoustic Quartet. He is inspired by everything from jazz, classical music, folk music to pop music, and all this music is melted together in his latest release "Softspeaker". Even though Ulvo's music is influenced by a wide range of genres, the final result sounds natural and seamless. Every single note is given the attention it needs, and this often results in meditatively evolving moods.
When Ulvo first heard the norwegian contemporary folk music ensemble Slagr, he immediately heard his own piano laying on top of their ambient sound. This discovery eventually led to Ulvo writing music for the ensemble, aiming to melt his musical preferences in to one unit. Slagr seemed like the natural choice, an already existing and unique blend of instrumentalists; Anne Hytta on harding fiddle, Sigrun Eng on cello and Amund Sjølie Sveen on vibraphone. "Softspeaker" is a well balanced mix of light and darkness, of the sad and the happy.

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pianist, composer


# Title Length Composer
1 Midwinter 5:12 Andreas Ulvo
2 Star song 5:39 Andreas Ulvo
3 Catalan winds 2:54 Andreas Ulvo
4 Preludium II 4:24 Andreas Ulvo
5 Old soul 3:58 Andreas Ulvo
6 Folk 5:20 Andreas Ulvo
7 In the darkest hour 7:07 Andreas Ulvo
8 Subaquatic Psalm 6:27 Andreas Ulvo
9 Hanglete 2:48 Andreas Ulvo

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