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Made This (2007)
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These three musicians are operating at the interface between jazz, chamber music and folk music. The tradition established by Swedish musician Jan Johansson has, perhaps, been the primary inspiration for their music. The trio has an original and distinctive idiom, free of what have been described as “piano trio clichés”. The members of the trio themselves have composed all the music for their debut album, “Made This”. What they present here is beautiful, gentle music with a touch of something mystical and restrained. At the same time, their energy level is intense. Volume is not necessarily the decisive parameter for energy. Eple Trio is living proof of this. Their music is coherent, open, pleasingly melodious and appealing. This is a brave young trio that dares to go its own way, in sharp contrast with the rank and file of young Norwegian jazz musicians who have so obviously been influenced and inspired by the North American energy jazz of the 1960s and 70s. This album presents a collection of superb, stylistically varied, self-confident and highly original compositions. The members of the trio have been working together for many years, and have thus developed an unusual level of empathy in their interplay. Jan Erik Kongshaug of Rainbow Studios, who mixed “Made This”, has brought out the best in the recording made at Musikkloftet Studio.

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Drummer, Composer, Producer, Designer


# Title Length Composer
1 Electre 6:07 Jonas Howden Sjøvaag
2 Chrome Hill 5:29 Sigurd Hole
3 Moon Tint 5:12 Sigurd Hole
4 The Outcome 3:30 Andreas Ulvo
5 House 4:34 Jonas Howden Sjøvaag
6 Insabbiati 6:15 Jonas Howden Sjøvaag
7 Silversmith 4:20 Jonas Howden Sjøvaag
8 Bach 8:03 Andreas Ulvo
9 In the Middle of the Night 6:12 Jonas Howden Sjøvaag, Andreas Ulvo
10 Angular Momentum 4:12 Sigurd Hole
11 Vals 3:38 Andreas Ulvo, Guren Hole


Til meistergrad i jazz
Rating: no rating used

Det er eit dristig prosjekt Eple Trio legg ut på med albumet «Made This». Med sin sterke, men lågmælte musikk, utfordrar dei også mastergrad-sensorane.

Du har ikkje lese feil. Andreas Ulvo (piano), Sigurd Hole (bass) og Jonas H. Sjøvaag (... read more

Stridens eple
Rating: 3/6

Eple Trio er et relativt ubeskrevet blad i norsk jazz, og spiller neddempet jazz uten de store skandinaviske utskeielsene. Faktisk låter det litt som om Eple Trio har vært på Bugge-slang, for det er noe ved de beherskede pianokomposisjonene som... read more

Eple Trio / Made This
Rating: no rating used

Samtidig som den langt mer promoterte Tord Gustavsen slipper sin nye plate slipper også Eple Trio sin nye cd. Den unge trioen, som består av Andreas Ulvo på piano, Sigurd Hole på bass og Jonas Sjøvaag på trommer, har med "Made this" laget en... read more

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