The Widening Sphere of Influence

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The Widening Sphere of Influence (2008)
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These three musicians are operating at the interface between jazz, chamber music and folk music. The tradition established by Swedish musician Jan Johansson has, perhaps, been the primary source of inspiration for their music. The trio has a distinctive idiom, refreshingly free of what have been described as “piano-trio clichés”. Barely a year-and-a-half after their debut recording they are releasing a new album, this one also featuring guest soloists. The music is just as beautiful as on the group’s previous recording, and now has a more expansive quality. The energy level is intense throughout, but volume is not necessarily the decisive parameter for energy. Eple Trio is living proof of this. The group’s music is appealingly melodious and outgoing, revealing a brave young trio that dares to follow its own path. This is in striking contrast to the rank and file of young Norwegian jazz musicians, who have been so obviously influenced and inspired by the North American high-energy jazz of the 1960s and 70s. This album offers new, stylistically confident compositions with a distinctive quality that we could, perhaps, start calling the “Eple sound”. The members of the trio have developed an unusual level of empathy in their interplay. Jan Erik Kongshaug has once again worked his sound magic at Rainbow Studios in Oslo.

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Drummer, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Photographer, Designer


# Title Length Composer
1 River Song 4:44 Andreas Ulvo
2 Dawn 5:59 Andreas Ulvo
3 First Monday of October 3:40 Jonas Howden Sjøvaag
4 March of the Mystery Men 6:28 Andreas Ulvo
5 Blackwater 5:02 Jonas Howden Sjøvaag
6 Eclipse 7:27 Andreas Ulvo
7 Black Oak 3:31 Andreas Ulvo
8 Triplex 5:18 Jonas Howden Sjøvaag
9 Buoy 5:14 Sigurd Hole


TWSOI / by Ian Patterson
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With all the controversy over what jazz is—and, more to the point, what it isn't—proprietary ownership often seems more about seemingly insurmountable cultural concerns. It's difficult for those living in the relative hustle and bustle of North... read more

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If there's a singular specific approach that Scandinavian musicians have brought to jazz, it's a temporal elasticity where time is often fluid, whether or not it's clearly defined. While rubato playing is nothing new, it's become a trademark... read more

Nesten perfekt eple
Rating: 5/6

På sin forrige ”Made this” fra 2007 med Eple Trio var det tydelig at de tre var inspirert av norsk folkemusikk. På deres siste CD er nok avstanden til den svenske pianolegenden Jan Johansson atskillig større, selv om man også her glimtvis føler... read more

Smakfullt Eple
Rating: 5/6

Bak det noe spesielle navnet Eple Trio skjuler tre av kongerikets unge, meget lovende jazzmusikanter seg.

Til forsidenTrioEple
Eple Trio - The Widening Sphere of Influence. Større bilde
Eple Trio - The Widening Sphere of... read more

Lån øret til Eple Trio
Rating: 5/7

I en verden der musikken blir stadig sterkere, tar Eple Trio et modig standpunkt.
Av Ingmar Wåhlberg
Del på Facebook20.10.2008
Den klassiske jazzkonstellasjonen pianotrio har vokst i Skandinavia i de senere åra. Tord Gustavsen... read more

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