Andreas Ulvo (b.1983) is a Norwegian jazzpianist, keyboardist and composer. He holds a masters degree in improvised music and jazz from the Norwegian Academy of Music. His music is an eclectic blend of jazz, classical and folk music.

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Lost in space
24/09 | 2023

Andreas Ulvo has gathered some of his favourite musicians for his latest release. Ulvo is navigating though his own personal musical universe; a seamless melange where everything from jazz, pop, classical and folk music all are natural ingredients; everything done with an improvisatory approach. Beautiful melodies are mixed with rhythmical motifs, Improvisation is used as a glue in the compositions. Spaceludium I and II are purely improvised passages, where the mood is more like a state of mind, contrasting the more narrative expression often found in the other compositions. In the song «The Wind», Ulvo is playing the song on the grand piano, while Håkon Aase are improvision with respectively bow hairs and brushes on the strings inside the grand piano.

Improvisations from the Vigeland museum in Oslo
01/12 | 2021
Vigeland museum 2021
Exerpt from concert @ Kulturkirken Jakob
01/12 | 2021
Excerpt from "Trust" @ Kulturkirken Jakob, Oslo
06/01 | 2017
Unchangeable seasons
27/05 | 2016

Despite my strong relationship to classical music, as a performer I never had the patience to sit down to learn to read music properly. Reading music felt too much like a detour from my goal of making music. The road to improvised music and jazz was a more immediate and natural way for me to go. However when immersing myself in the standard jazz repertoire, I eventually came to the conclusion that even jazz isn’t necessarily free. There are a lot of written and unwritten rules you have to follow. For me the real essence of jazz reveals itself only in the moment you realize that it’s not a genre; jazz is music with an improvised quality. Of course, you could never say that to a jazz critic. If you tell him: “Mozart is jazz”, he will tell you that you’re wrong. Miles Davis is jazz.

Andreas Ulvo - Unchangeable seasons
21/04 | 2016
Andreas Ulvo plays Gnossienne no.4 (Satie)
21/04 | 2016
Gnossienne no.1
20/08 | 2014

The song 'Waltzer' from my first church organ concert @ Vinger Chuch, Kongsvinger, June 2014

Andreas Ulvo - Song
24/04 | 2014
"Song" from my solo album "Light & loneliness"
Anja Eline - Sihouette
24/04 | 2014
A music video I made for Anja Eline in 2013
24/04 | 2014

As a pianist, Andreas Ulvo is already well known on the norwegian and european jazz scene. He has toured all around the world with bands and artists like Mathias Eick Quintet, Frøy Aagre, Eple Trio and Karl Seglem Acoustic Quartet. He is inspired by everything from jazz, classical music, folk music to pop music, and all this music is melted together in his latest release "Softspeaker". Even though Ulvo's music is influenced by a wide range of genres, the final result sounds natural and seamless. Every single note is given the attention it needs, and this often results in meditatively evolving moods.

Concierto de Aranjuez, Joaquín Rodrigo
06/09 | 2013
Ulvo + Slagr rehearsal
28/08 | 2013
State of stillness
20/08 | 2013
Mathias Eick Quintet - Skala
20/08 | 2013
Solo Live @ Inage Candy, Chiba, Japan
22/05 | 2013
22/05 | 2013

I take photos of bands and artists, of people I know, and of people I don't know. And some nature that I like

Andreas Ulvo - Light & loneliness
22/05 | 2013

Sometimes it feels natural to take a step back. After doing several recordings in studios with large grand pianos I felt the time was right to go back to the place it all started, to the house where I grew up, to the old Grotrian-Steinweg piano on which I learned to play. Maybe that is why the music on this record is simpler, more poetic than much of my earlier work. This record was made during two days in May, and if you listen closely you may hear the birds sing and the sound of rain against the window

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Past concerts

07th 19:00 // Andreas Ulvo - SOLO
11th 19:00 Nordland musikkfestuke, Bodø // Andreas Ulvo - SOLO
15th 18:00 Romedal kirke // Andreas Ulvo - SOLO
08th 19:00 Vinger Kirke // Eple Trio
31st 19:00 Hov Kirke // Andreas Ulvo - SOLO
14th 20:00 Voss Jazzklubb w/ Jo Berger Myhre // Eple Trio
10th 21:00 Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo w/ Mats Eilertsen // Eple Trio
07th 19:00 Spor 5, Stavanger w/ Mats Eilertsen // Eple Trio
23rd 18:00 Tynset Jazzfestival, Tynset kirke // Andreas Ulvo - SOLO
04th 20:00 Deichmanske Bibliotek // Eple Trio
07th 13:00 Municipal School, Mumbai // Eple Trio
07th 09:00 DPS, East // Eple Trio
06th 13:00 Calorax Global School // Eple Trio
06th 09:00 DPS, Bhopal // Eple Trio
05th 17:00 PDPU, Gandhi Nagar // Eple Trio
05th 09:00 IIT Gandhi Nagar // Eple Trio
04th 17:00 Orphanage Home, Ahmedabad // Eple Trio
04th 12:00 C.N. Vidyavihar, Ahmedabad // Eple Trio
03rd 20:00 Mudra institute of Communications, Ahmedabad // Eple Trio
03rd 16:00 Mahatma Gandhi International School, Ahmedabad // Eple Trio
28th 14:30 Maharaja Agrasen College // Eple Trio
27th 14:30 KIIT College of Engineering, Gurgaon // Eple Trio
26th 12:30 St. Marks Senior Secondary Girls School, New Delhi // Eple Trio
26th 10:30 KIIT World School, Pitampura, New Delhi // Eple Trio

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